Well there’s still much to say about what I’ve done, but I’m much too concerned with what I’ve eaten and what I still have yet to eat, so I’ll talk about that.

Today was my second time at le Marché de Talensac, which is the market of my dreams and really how I hoped I would be buying my groceries.  But as I’ve been here a month as of tomorrow, I’ve certainly made it out to buy food a more than two times, but not to Talensac often enough (Carrefour?  Ben, comme-ci, comme-ça).  But I really should (and I really think I will).  This time I was too intent on actually buying things to take any photos, but one of these days I will!

And since the tram doesn’t run much on Sundays, I walked home, passing by Vannetière Boulangerie whose breads and pastries I’d never tried before…somehow it’s always been closed on my way home.  But if I ever catch it open again, well, suffice to say I will be buying many more pains au chocolat.


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