Yosemite: day one

I guess I’ve taken the one-night stand approach to national parks – visiting a different one every weekend, I go for the nature, and leave when I’ve had enough (who has time to remember names?).  Yikes…

Well, actually none of that is true.  I was really looking forward to spending the weekend in Yosemite.  I’d never been before (so far as my cognizant mind could remember), and as it’s only three or so hours away, it seemed pretty silly that I hadn’t made the trip yet.  And I knew it’d be beautiful, but, really it was incredible.  The pictures took themselves, leaving me plenty of time to stand around, mouth agape (a favorite activity of mine).

But it’s best to keep one’s mouth closed when you decide to stand on the passenger seat and stick your head out the sunroof while zipping through the valley.  Here’s a roughly edited video of the rather rough ride (though the Kings of Convenience’s “Peacetime Resistance” is as light and lovely as ever).

I’ll be honest.  I had to look up “one-night stand” (made sure to keep google moderate search on, for the preservation of my own naïveté).  Of all the ways I found that people describe them, I really thought that I could’ve applied “getting your rocks off” to a nature theme quite easily, but it turns out I couldn’t.  Shame.


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