My city

If I meet you, I will look for the soonest opportunity to tell (or yell, as the case may be) at you that I am from San Francisco and that I love this city.  First, let’s look beyond the fact that I’ve never actually held a San Francisco address.  Okay!  My childhood was spent at its many museums and parks, in my teen years I was the youngest patron at its music venues, and now I’m trying to get to know better its neighborhoods beyond the BART line.  My dad, a Russian Hill resident in the eighties, was overjoyed to show me around his old haunts.  Stops included Ocean Beach (via Sutro Heights), Russian Hill (where I insisted on a snack at La Boulange) and West Portal.

The best forty-nine square miles I know.  And I haven’t even discovered all of it yet!


2 thoughts on “My city

  1. Hey there! I’m from the California Bay Area, but I am living in the south of France – I’ve been looking through your photos of California – they are gorgeous and making me homesick!! You capture the beauty of the diversity of our amazing state 😉

    1. Salut! How funny! I’m from the bay, but living in France, too! I’m studying in Nantes for the year. It’s such a wonderful city…maybe you’ll get the chance to visit it, if you haven’t already!

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed some of my pictures! It’s easy to photograph the sf bay area…it’s so beautiful and one-of-a-kind!

      All the best to you in France! You’ve got some great photos as well!


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