I’d almost say that Greens, at the Mason Building, was a San Francisco secret if it wasn’t for the fact that it seems everyone has known about it for longer than me (like a lot longer than me).  Even my parents sing its praises, and they’ve had nearly six years to deal with my vegetarianism.  But hurt feelings aside, selling my parents on the idea of their prix-fixe dinner was easy and we had a reservation for Saturday night!

We were seated next to the window with a beautiful view of the marina and later a pelican diving for his dinner.  But my own was a whole lot better.

First came Mediterranean cucumbers with melon, goat cheese and Acme pain epi.  To my credit, I did try the cheese…everything else was fantastic, though!  For my appetizer, I chose an heirloom tomato salad with olive flatbread and lovely, lovely olive oil.

My main was a chanterelle and lobster mushroom risotto with white corn, purplette onions, savoy spinach, Italian parsley and grana padano.  Absolutely wonderful.

Dessert was really a treat because normally I don’t even think to order one when I go to a restaurant.  I had a peach tart with oatmeal streusel and raspberry sorbet – completely vegan and completely incredible.  My mom decided on the peach ice cream sandwich (peaches are very much in season) with gingersnaps and berry compote.  I had a bite, but I think I could have happily had twenty!


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