Now that I’m twenty-one

I’ve been twenty-one for exactly three months, and here are the pictures to prove it (well, they only prove that I’ve sat bemused in front of a cake before, but trust me).  I wonder if I’m doing it right.  There’s been no debauchery, nothing particularly posh and gee, I hadn’t even had more than the tiniest sip of alcohol until this past weekend.  But my dad thought it wise for me to try wine more seriously before I head off to the wine-drinking-est country around.  So, for day one of our extended weekend, my family drove up to Napa for a bit of wine-tasting, all in an effort for me to be a bit more française.

But it was a very poor effort – ignorance about wine and wine-drinking techniques mixed with the embarrassment of suddenly finding myself having to converse in the native tongue of  un mec français working in Napa for the summer.  That aside, the wine was…all right.  I think that I would have liked the wine better had the experience been more natural.  Drinking from a glass while someone watches you, waiting for an opinion of something for which you cannot formulate an opinion is not terribly comfortable.  Besides, from my knowledge wine is meant to be enjoyed with a meal and conversation, something that you can sip for a couple of hours in the company of friends.

I’ll give wine another try, in another environment, on another day.  I’ll find something I like eventually.  Until then, there are plenty of other French things to appreciate…like pastries (a blueberry muffin and an almond croissant) from Bouchon Bakery in Yountville.  Myam, myam.


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