After picking up my visa from the French consulate and having a very French breakfast, Shelly and I really didn’t know what else to do in the city.  So we started walking, from the Ferry Building to the Transamerica pyramid, and up Columbus to Saint Peter and Paul Church.  We decided that this was not the opportune time to convert to Catholicism, so we headed west on Vallejo instead.  But we didn’t make it further than Stockton before declaring it lunchtime.  A sign on the corner read “Be veg, go green, save the planet.”  Lofty delusions of grandeur and heroics aside, it looked like a nice place for lunch for two vegetarians.

I’m not too sure that we really did anything for the earth by eating at Loving Hut, but our bellies were very, very thankful for some nourishment (and vegan nourishment, at that!).  We ordered Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, Chinese broccoli (with soy protein), and some spicy tofu.  Luckily our eyes were as big as our stomachs, and we left pleasantly plumper than we entered.  Compound that with getting free BART fare one way, and the day was a wonderful success!


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