Blue bottle coffee

I’m still quite behind writing posts from the past few weeks, but forget those for a moment, because something truly important and monumental and deserving of documentation (at least in my mind) has happened…

My first cup of Blue Bottle Coffee.  Waaaaah!

My parents and I spent the better part of the day at SFMOMA, exploring part of the museum’s acquisition of the Fisher Collection, which featured works by Alexander Calder, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol, among many, many others (and more to come when the rest of the collection arrives in 2016 – more than 1100 works!).  But there’s always more to see, so I think I’ll stop by again before the summer is over.

Since we were in SOMA, my parents and I hopped over to the Ferry Building (we didn’t literally hop, but wouldn’t that have been funny!) for a cup of coffee at Blue Bottle.  And what a beautiful cup of coffee it was!

My latte was incredible – smooth, rich and wonderful.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and in the minute it took for my dad to drink his cappuccino, I’d say he enjoyed his, too!

But at $3.50 a cup, maybe it’s best that the closest Blue Bottle to my house is a half hour away!  I’ll start saving now!


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