After packing up my apartment, but before saying goodbye to Seattle for over a year, my dad and I had a full day to be tourists downtown.  Dinner the night before was a half of a pack of starbusts, so we started the day with a big breakfast at Pike Place Market.  Yum, non-artificial flavors.

Stop number two was Uwajimaya in the International District, whose aisles are always fun to explore, especially when you’re in search of the store’s most bizarre products.  I will definitely miss this place.

Since everything looked so delicious, we decided to pick up a lunch of inarizushi, unagi, and seaweed salad (I can’t get enough of it).  Fantastic.

Without a doubt, these were the most bizarre things we could find, and in a moment of stupidity, we purchased them.  Once outside, in perhaps one of my more stupid decisions, I opened the package, lowered my nose and breathed in deeply.  You can probably guess how this story ended…as if garbage cans didn’t have a bad enough rap already.  Now a full package of durian flavored wafers is smelling up the city.

Until next time, Seattle!!


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