My neighborhood

Oh my, I’m quite behind aren’t I?  And to think, I actually have things (of consequence?) to say!  Namely, I’m 825 miles from where I was the last time I posted, and where I’ve spent the past two years.  And…I won’t be back for a year and a half because I’ll be 5520 miles away from where I am right now!  Yikes, enough variables!  I’m only confusing things.

I’ve gotten the heck out of Seattle, and am back in the Bay Area for the next two months before a year of study in France.  But I’ll admit, though we split amicably, I’m starting to miss my little Seattle life.

When I received the letter that guaranteed me an escape from the doldrums of Isla Vista (I’m being harsh…harsh, but accurate), I thought of nothing but getting to Seattle, even though that meant moving to a new state where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have anywhere to live.  But luckily that all sorted itself out quite nicely.  I enjoyed spending time in my apartment, but I also liked getting out into my neighborhood.

And lucky me, Greenlake, one of the most beautiful parks in Seattle, was just a short walk away!  No matter the season, Greenlake is a really lovely place, always good for a peaceful walk in the middle of a busy city and some seriously cute puppy-watching.  And afterward, a cup of coffee is necessary.

So maybe I spent a few too many days sat in a popular chain coffee shop, not with the best coffee per se, but with big tables for spreading out for a long, typically productive, study session.  And only a block away!  But you’d probably be hard pressed to find a block without one on the corner in this city.  However, when I wasn’t knee deep in Chinese characters, I liked to treat myself to a really nice cup of coffee.

And if by now I don’t sound like I belong on the pages of “Stuff White People Like,” well, my apartment was only two blocks from Whole Foods.  Yep.

Now it’s twelve miles to the nearest puppy cupcake supplier, but I think I’ll manage.  The Bay has so much to offer, and I’m happy to spend the summer here.  But I’ll remember fondly my Seattle neighborhood and my first apartment.


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