I will never turn down an opportunity to eat good sushi.  One last night in Victoria, and I knew exactly what I wanted.  And even better than that, I found exactly what I wanted right on the edge of Chinatown.

If I didn’t think it was so silly to say that something was fated to happen, I’d have to say that I was meant to walk into Tamami Sushi on 14 May.

It might have been closing night, but the sushi was so, so  good.  Tamami is a really cute place, with a dedicated chop stick wall for the regulars to store their favorite pair.  It’s a shame that such a sweet, neighborhood place is shutting down, but I’m glad that I could stop by, if only once.

And now I’m less than a week before final exams, and properly swamped.  Despite writing nine pages of a paper due next Monday, Wednesday of next week (the day of my last exam) seems awfully far away.

Deep breath in…


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