After a very long, lovely, sunny weekend, I am right back to drowning in schoolwork. As much as I am anxiously awaiting the summertime, three weeks seems like far too few to do all that needs to be done!  And this rain isn’t really helping, either.

My parents were up in Seattle from Wednesday night when I ran from my apartment to meet them at their bus until Monday morning when I ran from my apartment to catch my own bus to class (just barely made it!).

Thursday morning, my parents in a “we-want-to-do-exactly-what-you-do-but-not-quite” kind of mood, so at five minutes to eight, hopped on a bus with me, but they ended up in a café sipping lattes while I was stuck in Chinese class for an hour (我很喜欢上中文课,但是我觉得跟我爸爸妈妈喝咖啡最好玩).  But all was forgiven once we all sat down to a really nice lunch at Sunlight Café, Seattle’s first vegetarian restaurant (I think…?).  It’s only two blocks away from my apartment, and I just cannot understand why I don’t go there more often, because my sandwich was really wonderful.  Hummus, avocado, sprouts…does anything more need to be said?  Naah.

And unlike many an all-veg sandwich I’ve eaten, this one didn’t slip apart and out of my hands.  Well, not more than three or four times.

As much as I would have been perfectly content to just eat a sandwich with my parents for my birthday, we actually did quite a bit more!  I’ll explain later…


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