Earth day

What a great place to live…

I went to my first study abroad meeting late this afternoon.  There exists no detail (no matter how small and trivial it may seem) that fails to quicken my heartbeat, even just a little.  I’ve undoubtedly started a countdown, and as of this minute, I have just over one hundred thirty-three days to go until I board an airplane in San Francisco en route to Charles de Gaulle.  L’attente, qu’est-ce qu’elle m’énerve!


2 thoughts on “Earth day

  1. 133! So soon! Tell me what happens at study abroad meetings! I’m curious.

    I’m also very proud of myself for supporting Earth Day. I turned off the light after I left each room, and walked instead of using public transportation. Of course, I only live five or so blocks from Sproul.

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