And when the sun is out

Guess what I saw today…the sky!

Sure, Seattle is a city rainier than most, but it’s really not so bad.  Actually, I quite like it.  But on those days that I don’t need to dry my shoes in the bathtub, the skies are still gray and cloudy and threatening rain.  But not today!  Today was warm and sunny and I squinted the entire time.

Finished class, came home, took a nap, and walked to Greenlake at my favorite time of day.

Even phonology looks appealing!  I hope all of this sunshine will last the weekend. Then again, I do have quite a bit of schoolwork to get done…here’s hoping I can control the urge to frolic in the grass, and put my nose in the books instead!


2 thoughts on “And when the sun is out

  1. Phonology be damned. Play in the grass, I say. The sun won’t be around forever, and that scene looks far too appealing to simply peer at from over a textbook.

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