The countdown

Sarah, take a look at this tree.  Let this be a reminder of the last time that you will experience happiness for the next two weeks.

Oh no, Sarah, you’re being silly.  And please, stop speaking in the third person.

It turns out that the week before final exams, (post) humorously called “dead week”, is the most busy of all.  Final exams will be a welcomed relief after the three French compositions and Chinese spoken examination that I have to write, and hopefully pass.  There are many, many more things on top of that, but writing them out just now wouldn’t be interesting and would probably make me cry.  So instead, my most recent cooking failure…roasted chestnuts!

And now I realize that the expression is indeed “posthumously,” but I’m still proud of my could-have-been pun, so I’ll just leave it up there.  Just for spite!


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