A collection of stamps

Earlier this week I received a nice little care package from my mom, containing three Dutch hyacinth bulbs, of all things. But before even looking inside the box, I was intrigued by my mom’s interesting choice of stamps.

First, the stamp on the right.  Yoda.  Hm.  I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I’ve never watched Star Wars.

Second, Charles W. Chestnutt.  And his connection to black heritage.  But…he’s white?  Ah, not so. Chestnutt was technically mixed-race, which meant that legally he was considered black, and he identified himself as such, though he could easily pass as a white man.  He worked with the NAACP.

So a brief history lesson and some confirmation that as nerdy as I am, I at least haven’t seen Star Wars.

Now I just need to get around to planting the bulbs!


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