I love falling back for daylight savings time. With only one extra hour, I complete so much more and with nearly no stress! I woke this morning at 7.30 (new time) and was so happy that I got started on some homework.  Surely, this is not the typical response, as most people who awake on a Sunday to see a single digit number on the clock, don’t go on to work on a paper about 12th century French literature.

Well, I’ve been quite busy this past week (and have a similar schedule planned for the upcoming one), but I’d like to stay in the habit of posting something, be it big or small or interesting or painfully dull. Though I’ll try to avoid that last one.

Here’s another picture that I took last weekend.  Every day when I get home from classes and I take off my shoes, the soles are bright yellow from walking around through these all day.  I think they looks like little slugs.  Or big mealworms.

Have a wonderful week, whoever you are!  Or more aptly, whoever you aren’t!


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