I’m traveling home to California tonight to spend some time with my parents and to participate in a very ceremonial rite of passage: the handing over of the keys.  That’s right, the car that used to drive me to soccer practice and school dances, will now be driven by me – to pottery class, to the mountains, […]


How to survive the deafening quietness of a life without constant visual and aural stimulation.


Giving it all up for a teaching gig in rural France? Here are some tips on how to make friends and enjoy life en pleine campagne.


Adeptes de la bronzette? Non, non. Some silly Périgordin language assistants hit the beach in the deep of winter.


Still elbow-deep in clay with still a lot to learn about how to throw pottery. This week’s lesson: trimming.


The first in a series of posts on the life and times of an English language assistant in Nontron, France.


My friend Jin visits the Dordogne and we teach her a thing or two about the particularities of franco-française culture.


What should one expect to find at the market in Périgueux in February? Dinner!


Don’t you fret, we watched that scene from “Ghost” immediately following our first class.


If you say “tulip” too many times, it starts sounding weirder and weirder and then poof, you’re crazy for them.


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