The first in a series of posts on the life and times of an English language assistant in Nontron, France.


My friend Jin visits the Dordogne and we teach her a thing or two about the particularities of franco-française culture.


What should one expect to find at the market in Périgueux in February? Dinner!


Don’t you fret, we watched that scene from “Ghost” immediately following our first class.


If you say “tulip” too many times, it starts sounding weirder and weirder and then poof, you’re crazy for them.


When you are so happy to be back in a town that you love that you dance down its streets!


The year is off to a great start with a grueling hike up Washington’s most-frequented trail, and a graceful fall back down.


Halloween 2012 came and went with little celebration.  In fact, Phillip and I spent the day in perhaps the place the least likely to celebrate Halloween, Lourdes – a haven for Catholic pilgrims looking for a miracle from sweet Saint Bernadette Soubirous.  And this year, a more strenuous work schedule than last year threatened to cut […]


Sure, Paris is glamorous and old and great and renowned and a bit snobby and dearly beloved – but Périgueux is pretty wonderful, too!


Was it really a year ago that I was boarding a plane to France, jumping out of an airplane, signing a lease to a 15th century apartment, and starting my post as an English language assistant with TAPIF?  And to think that I almost let the date pass by without even a thought.  Then I […]


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